The Overnight Lift Story

The Overnight Lift Story

Overnight Lift founder Suzy Wilson first discovered the healing properties of silicone when treating a third degree burn sustained in 2016 from a bad tattoo removal treatment (it wasn’t the name of an ex :)). P.S Don’t use an IPL machine to remove tattoos and always choose a qualified medical practitioner to use such powerful machines.

Suzy now 42 starting seeing wrinkles develop on her chest in her late 20s and bothered by these one night decided to apply a silicone patch across her chest before bed. She woke to very exciting results and the idea to create a range of silicone patches to treat chest and facial wrinkles was born. 

Suzy has lived in Byron Bay since 1995 and has raised 3 children, now 21, 16 and 8. She has owned and operated since 2007 and with her background in both beauty and ecommerce was compelled to develop this amazing product. After approaching and trialling many medical supplies companies and perfecting the product we are proud to launch Overnight Lift, a simple yet very effective product to treat and prevent wrinkles. They can also be used on scars and stretchmarks.

Introducing Overnight Lift
Wrinkles on your face, neck and chest are caused by ageing, sun damage, facial expressions, gravity, stress, and even sleeping on your side. With Overnight Lift, you can now reverse the signs of time and smooth crow’s feet, a crêpey décolletage, or frown lines, in a safe, cost effective way that’s so easy you can do it yourself at home. 

The magic of Overnight Lift is its composition of 100% medical grade silicone. This has long been used by the medical profession to correct scarring left from injuries. When applied and left overnight, our silicone patches have a double action effect firstly by providing gentle compression which keeps the skin from creasing. They also stimulate collagen and hydrate the surface layers of your skin resulting in beautifully smooth, naturally replenished, plump skin. Our Overnight Decollete Lift is perfect to wear in bed especially for side sleepers and all patches can be worn anytime of day.

Sleep tight wrinkles!