Overnight Décolleté Lift
Overnight Décolleté Lift
Overnight Décolleté Lift
Overnight Décolleté Lift
Overnight Décolleté Lift
Overnight Décolleté Lift
Overnight Décolleté Lift

Overnight Décolleté Lift

$14.95 AUD $29.95 AUD

Smooth a crêpey décolletage and greatly relieve difficult to treat chest wrinkles easily and quickly while you sleep or any time of day.
The gentle compression of Overnight Lift self adhesive patches keep skin held taut and smoothed out, while the magic of their 100% medical grade silicone composition creates an ultra hydrated micro-climate between the patch and your skin plumping and smoothing away those lines and helping to stimulating collagen production.

What's Included: 1 Reusable Patch
Ingredients: 100% Medical Grade Silicone

Visible results after one use
Medical grade silicone
Easy and safe to use

Wash and dry the area you’ll be applying the patch to. 
Do not apply any moisturisers or creams as this will interfere with the adhesion of the patch and cause it to slide off during the night. 
Peel the backing off your Overnight Lift patch and place it onto your skin adhesive side down. 
Get some beauty sleep. 
In the morning, simply peel off the patch and place it on the storage sheet included ready for the next application. 
After every few uses clean with water and an oil free foaming cleanser or soap to remove any build up of shed skin cells and sweat that can affect the adhesion of the patch. 
Once clean lay your patch sticky side up on the storage sheet included and leave to air dry. Overnight Lift patches can be worn any time of day when convenient for a quick refresh. 
After around 15 days your patch will lose its adhesive quality and should be replaced with a new patch. 

For best adhesion first cleanse skin with an oil free foaming cleanser. Dry thoroughly and do not apply moisturiser. Moisturisers, sunscreen, makeup, hair and sweat can affect the adhesion of the patch. If you do sweat while wearing the patch remove and clean the patch with a foaming cleanser and allow to dry before reapplying to clean dry skin. The patches will naturally lose adhesion over time.
Overnight Lift uses silicone that is non trans dermal and latex free. Should you experience any reddening of the skin, irritation or itchiness remove patches and cease using. Do not apply to skin with any cuts or irritation or if you have a sensitivity to silicone or adhesives. Keep out of reach of children.